The Congregation of the Usambara Sisters was found in 1954 by Monsignor Eugen Arthurs of the Rosminian Congregation who then became the first Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Tanga in 1958.


The Precious Blood Sisters were the formatter of the Congregation where by Sister Willibalda Giesbers was the leader of the formation team.


The Charism of the Congregation is to evangelize by preaching the good news of God in different fields such as teaching religion to different groups, such as preparing them for baptism, holly communion, confirmation, and Sunday schools.  The Congregation is also involved in giving education and running schools starting from kindergarten, primary schools, Secondary Schools, colleges and Universities and conduct seminars to different groups especially to the young people. The Usambara sisters are farming and keeping different animals.  This is where the Congregation gets its food and basic needs of its members.